Cubature of the ball Ц metaphysical puzzle

Goal: Remove the ball. The cage surrounds eight segments. One segment is empty and the other 7 are filled with 6 identical cubes and one ball. The ball is constrained by the grooves in the cubes and the cage. Aside from this constraint, the ball and the cubes are free to move. The puzzle is a sliding maze where the map changes as the cubes are moved. If the ball is removed, the goal is then to get the ball into the segment diagonally opposite the entrance.


In various traditions and cultures from Far East to West there are universal symbols: square Ц symbol of earth, circle Ц symbol of heaven.

In the basis of a square is number 4. We can understand it as four elements as well as the four winds. Symbolism of number four it self means plurality, number of earth, actualized world. This world we can perceive only by opposite pairs, dichotomies (black and white, good and evilЕ). Opposite sides of square symbolize these pairs. Square is a symbol of shape, symbol of the shown reality.

Circle is an absence of shape Ц unrevealed reality. It is symbol of infinity and eternity, absence of beginning and end. Circle doesnТt have pairs of opposite things. Circle is a symbol of holism, harmony, and primordial perfection.

In many temples of different confessions you can see that basis has shape of rectangle and roof has circle vault.

This puzzle has a sphere which is captive in the limited space between plural cubes. This sphere is to be taken out. Decoding this row of symbols we can see sparkle of godlike light which is lost in a maze of brutal material world. Only is case of overcoming all barriers of the world it can reach the salvation and get in to unlimited unrevealed transcendent world which is only destiny of the sparkle.

In metaphysical concept aim of humans life is to reach the salvation from the power of the brutal material world and junction to the transcendent reality.

The word metaphysics in translation from Greek literally means after physics. Object of metaphysics is transcendent substances, which are beyond physics, beyond nature. The word transcendent means something which is beyond any limits, which is like outside that is why it is not limited. Thus it include all limits and even reasons of the limits. Metaphysics is science, it dissipate false knowledge which establishes limits.

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