Erik's Puzzle

Story of the puzzle is quite interesting. Once I got an e-mail from familiar Swedish puzzle designer Erik Johansson. We werenТt acquainted with each other at that moment. He wrote: УI was surprised to find your new trick, the Attached Ring, and I loved it at first sight! It is rare to find a really new trick in the disentanglement category.Ф
At this letter he encouraged me to publish as many variations as I can to prevent it will do some body else. As example of such variation he sent me the sketch.

When I received the letter I made a model of the puzzle (see last photo) and was trying to solve it. To be honest I wasnТt able to do it quick despite of ErikТs statement that this puzzle is just analog of the Attached Ring. I wrote him I consider this puzzle as a nice independent puzzle, not just a variation of my one. And he replied on it: УIf you insist my 20 minutes sketch is an independent puzzle use it as a contribution to your design as it is a slightly complication of the trick of your design. I hereby give you the copyright to it.Ф
I think this man is sincere genius you can see it in his designs and nobility of his character. You may visit his website.
Later I found out that stick of the puzzle doesnТt need any branches. So I did a little contribution in this design.



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