Life's Maze (Maze of life)

Our life is like a maze which we enter by birth and where we wander till reaching journeyТs end. If we donТt want to spend days of our lives in vain, when we reach maturity we should find the worthy goal and try to achieve it despite of all obstacles arising on the way. Sometimes circumstances bound us and mislead to the totally wrong way. Situation seems desperate, and aim looks unattainable. Many during such moments leave the way. But actually only those achieve the goal to whom the law of being opens: circumstances are subject to those who do not give themselves in their power. "Seek and ye shall find "!

So, the game begins in the lowest point - the Birth point, the Goal is the highest point. The switches, hich symbolize circumstances, initially should be in such position, as it is shown in drawing. To rotate them you can use only slider, which symbolize your position.


If you manage to achieve the Goal, pull out the slider from a round aperture and move it to the Birth point. If during the solution unnecessary movements have not been done, maze position will precisely replicate starting position. Otherwise unnecessary movements can only slightly simplify a task to the following player.

Well and if you have already lost hope to achieve the Goal on your own, look at the solution and be convinced that you had a power over circumstances. But remember that this is the most uninteresting way of comprehension of laws of being.




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